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Letter (2002.074)

Islands Museum
Written by S.Y. Haines to B.A. Haines concerning shipping, crew's wages

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Boston November 8th 1861 Mr. B R Haines Sir I have chartered the brig for nine Hundred Dollars $900 out to Guadaloupe it is the best I could do here, I cannot find a Charter out and Back at any rate I send this by Capt Morehouse of Brigt William Henry I have not time to fix up all the bills, as I have nobody but the cook on board the vessel, I will write by mail first chance and send them all I send you the amount due each of the crew S Wm Foote--- L 5-19-5 James Thurber -- 6-10-0 Asaph Moore ---- 9-3-5 Wesley Moore --- 2-15-4 L 24-8-2 I want you to stop Foots wages what is due him as he has taken things that belongs to the vessel and destroyed things in my absence since I settled with him dont pay him one cent if you do you will be the looser by it.
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