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West Hants Historical Museum
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Letter to Mr. Townshend, Windsor, April 23, 1943, from Fred Murphy.
The letter is thanking Mr. Townshend in his involvement in working towards granting Fred Murphy leave back to Canada to look after his family, after the passing of his father. Murphy laments the cost and casualties of war, and again thanks Mr. Townshend for his help.

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Frid. 23 Apr 1943 

Hello Mr Townshend
Confidentily, at the present I do not know if I am to be granted leave back to Canada or not. But I'd like to thank you sincerely for all that[obviously have done for me. If it is to be that I can not go back and should it be I have to stay over here then when that time comes I would like you to tell mother to leave whatever she has to Kay, my wife, and the children. 
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