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Letter (2000.129.40)

Old Court House Museum
To: Mother & All
From: Mabel
24 St. Joseph St
April 28, 1935
2 pages, double sided

Additional pages:
24 St. Joseph St.
April 28, 1935.
Dear mother & all : - 
Your nice letter, mother, and the Easter cards were received some time ago and we are always glad when the postman leaves us something. As usual we don't get our letter answered immediately for this arrangement we have for our living quarters is like running two homes - not so hard but always on the job. Then we do like to go to the [illegible] and read a little. These good folks gave us a small radio at Easter time and it takes time to enjoy that. Yesterday we brought our Tim home after a four weeks stay at the Isolation Hospital. He was taken there for measles, then sinis (sic) trouble in his more developed. After a minor operation for that his eye 
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