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Clipping, Newspaper (X.683)

Whitney Pier Historical Museum
Reproduction of page from the Sydney Post-Record of November 17, 1945. Picture of Boxers from Ethiopian community club, article on Strand gym, and article on Pier Braves.


The Golden Gloves Tourney
Pictured above are boxers from the Ethiopian Community Club. Reading left to right front row: B. Scantleburry, Benny Green, Ray Nurde, Hamilton Smith, D. Street, manager and promoter. Second row: Charles Sheppard, trainer; Joseph Cambridge, Garfield Moe, S. Innis, Gerald Marsh, Somers Spooner, trainer. The boxers will take part in the Golden Gloves Tournament at the Lyceum Theatre on Nov. 22nd at 7 p.m.

Strand Gym To Enter Team In Golden Gloves 
NEW WATERFORD. Nov. 16-  Jack Mackenzie, Strand gym physical training instructor, announces tuesday that a boxing team from Mount Caramel Parish will compete in the Golden Gloves boxing tournament to be held in Sydney, November 23.Mr. Mackenzie will be assisted by Leo Fahey, former Maritime amateur lightweight title holder. The boxing team will comprise Doug McIsaac, John Whitehouse, Jack Mckenzie (sic), Bennie Chiasson, Eddie Cormier, Art Cormier, and Ladie Micholosky. Micholosky is a newcomer and will compete in the middleweight class. 

Pier Braves To Meet On Saturday 
Announcement was made last night that the Whitney Pier Braves Juvenile hockey team will hold their first meeting of the present season Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock at St. Nicholas hall. All players are requested to attend while newcomers trying out for positions on the team will be given a welcome. Johnne Janega and Henry Dowling will have charge of the team. Backbone of the team this season will consist of players who have had previous experience in other juvenile or bantam teams. Workouts will start following Sunday's meeting. 
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