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LaHave Islands Marine Museum


Accession number: 1978.111.01
Object type: Kedge
Date: before 1978
Materials: metal
Measurements: 48 cm W x 67 cm H
Description: Central metal cylinder jutting from the center of a crescent metal bar. This forms an upside down "T". The arms of the "T" curve towards the central cylinder. At the other end of the cylinder is another metal cylinder that juts out at a right angle to the central cylinder.
History of Use: A small anchor that would have been attached to a long rope. Someone aboard a vessel (usually a large engineless boat) would row out from the main ship and drop the anchor. This allowed someone aboard the boat to pull the rope and change the ships direction. Mainly used to get in and out of harbours. This anchor was likely used for setting the end of a long line (trawl) for catching ground fish or for anchoring a vertical net for catching herring.