Float, Fishing
Float, Fishing
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MacPhee House Community Museum

Float, Fishing

Accession number: 2000.002.001
Object type: Lobster pot
Date: 1965 – 1985
Materials: Wood, oil based paint.
Measurements: 40 cm L x 12 cm W x 12 cm ThickWidth and thickness at widest point. The float has a square section, and tapers in a gentle curve out from a flat end measuring 8.0 x 8.0 cm until the full 12.0 cm width is achieved about 1/3 of the length away from the flat end. At this point a red band 4.0 cm wide is painted all the way around the float over the white paint with which the float is covered. The curved taper now reverses, and is more pronounced, over the final 2/3rds of the float. At this further end the float is rounded and about 3.5 cm across. 3.0 cm down from this end a rounded hole 4.0 cm long has been bored as a tie off point for a mooring line.
Narrative: Ramey Munroe had a fishing business based on Sober Island for many years, retiring in 2012.
The Georeference is for the wharf he built there for that business, and where the shed beside which this Float was stored is located.

Lobster traps when set in the ocean have to have some means of recovery. This is acheived by means of a mooring line attached to a marker float at the surface. This float serves to locate the trap,which can be pulled to the surface by the mooring line. In addition, colours and band patterns on the float identify the owner. This is a principle as old as mediaeval armorial bearings, where simplicity aids quick recognition. Ramey Munroe hand carved and painted this float from materials to hand and to a traditional design; the white ground and red band being his personal mark recognised by other local fishermen.
Description: Square section block tapered to one end. Hole for attachment at tapered end. White with red band.
History of Use: Used by donor in his fishing business until replaced by more modern materials, Stored on-shore between seasons, and after discontinuation of active use, until donation to museum.

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