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MacPhee House Community Museum

Accessory, Sewing Machine

Accession number: 1984.002.004
Object type: Tuck Marker
Date: 1920 – 1930
Materials: chromed sheet steel; brass; spring steel
Measurements: 10.9 cm L x 4.8 cm W x 1.8 cm Thick
Group: Sewing Machine Accessories

This device is an accessory/attachment for a sewing machine.  It attached to the foot of the sewing machine, near where the needle is located, in order to assist in the production of tucks being sewn into the fabric.

Description: This object’s design is made from a straight piece of metal which has been folded in order for it to attach onto a sewing machine.  It possesses a flat spring and wire device.  Measurements are engraved into the metal, which are located along the inner edges.    
History of Use: As an attachment for a domestic sewing machine, this tuck marker would have aided in the user's sewing endeavors.  The grooves on the piece of metal would lock it into place.  The engraved measurements act as a guide for users.  This allows the tucks to be evenly spaced.  Once the proper distance had been established, the spring and wire device would help tuck pieces of fabric that were being sewn.  The machine would stitch the first tuck on the other side of the spring, and the raised edge on the bottom arm would mark a line on the fabric to indicate the position of the fold for the next tuck.