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Randall House - Wolfville Historical Society


Accession number: 2021.2.10
Date: February 28 1966
Materials: Paper; ink
Measurements: 14cm L x 21.5cm W
Scope & Content: A receipt given to a patron for accounts rendered paid.
Description: A large piece of off-white colored, rectangular shaped paper. In the top left corner, there is a large horizontal dotted line for the store clerk to write the patron's name. In green pen, the patron's name is, "Men's Club, St. Johns Anglican Church". In the top right corner, there is the name of the town in which the business is operated (Wolfville, N. S.). Beside it to the right is a small dotted line for the clerk to write the date. In this instance, the date is February 28, 1966. Underneath, centered to the page, are five lines of writing. The remaining bottom half of the page is a loose leaf chart for the store clerk to write the services rendered. There are three lines of green pen ink indicating the services rendered and subsequent costs. Underneath the three lines of green pen ink is a black stamp the says PAID with a space in the middle to write the date, which is written small in green pen ink. The clerk signed his name underneath the stamp beside, "per...".