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Randall House - Wolfville Historical Society

Income Tax Return

Accession number: 2021.2.27
Date: 1960
Materials: Paper; ink; graphite
Measurements: 28.3cm L x 26.7cm W
Description: A large square shaped, off-white colored piece of paper with a detachable strip at the top that is frayed and unattached at a wrinkled and creased top right corner. It has a small red Federal shield at the top, Individual Income Tax Return, written in cursive is underneath it. There are three text boxes, a horizontal text box at the top, and two vertical text boxes underneath it. Each has different information pertaining to each text box. The back says Claim for Personal Exemptions, written in cursive  at the top of the page. There are three horizontal text boxes with information pertaining to qualification of personal tax exemptions. $1000 is written beside, 'Claim $100'.