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Randall House - Wolfville Historical Society


Accession number: 2021.2.18
Date: April 23 1963
Materials: Paper; ink
Measurements: 18.8cm L x 14cm W
Scope & Content: A receipt for items purchased.
Description: A small, white colored, square shaped piece of paper. The address, telephone number, post office box number and city of operation are written in a small blue font in each of the top corners of the page. Beside that, approximately three centimeters in from either side are two holes punched. In between is a text box with the words 'home appliances' in it. Directly below is the name of the business, slogan, space where clerk wrote the date of transaction, name of the patron and the address. The remaining two thirds of the page is a chart where the clerk wrote the details of the transaction. The clerk signed in the bottom left corner. A red invoice number in the bottom left corner.