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Mould, Ball

Accession number: 1971.015.01
Date: before 1971
Materials: Metal (Forged Steel)
Measurements: 18 cm L

Used on the ship which brought the MacRury brothers to Sydney area.


Bullet mold used for casting musket balls, designed to make balls 1.25 cm (0.69 calibre) diameter

History of Use:

Similar to the antique "possibles bag" style ball mold used by Mel Gibson in the movie The Patriot. This .680" ball is ideal for use in .69 caliber smoothbore muskets, 14 gauge shotguns, and .69 caliber rifles.

Looks like an original ball mold, from the 1750 to 1870 era, this single cavity mold is made of forged steel, neatly fitted and hinged. Neatly file finished and temper blued, this ball mold is about 18 cm long. The steel handles will be too hot to touch during use, so wear your leather gloves while casting balls.

The .69 caliber Round Shot pictured was used in the older smoothbore weapons, such as the Model 1842 Musket, the Remington conversion of the Model 1816 Musket and some foreign models. It had a range of approximately 100 yards.


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