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Chestico Museum

Print, Photographic

Accession number: CMP 00-48
Date: 1912
Measurements: 20.2 cm L x 15.7 cm H
Description:  The photo is of workers at the Lobster Cannery in Harbouview.  There are 20 workers – 8 women and 12 men.  They are posed in from of what is presumably part of the cannery building.  All are in work clothes.
 The following identifications appear in the July 1984 Partici-Paper (Volume 5 / Number 7):
Back Row (left to right):  1) Archie Peter MacDonald 2) ________ 3) ________ 4) Duncan Gillis 5) Johnny B. MacDonald 6) Alex Duncan Allan MacDonald 7) Collie (Tully) MacDonald 8) Dan McIsaac 9) Danny MacIsaac
Front Row (left to right):  1) Mary Margaret MacDougall 2) Tina Maggie MacDonald 3) Catherine (Big John) MacDonald 4) Susan MacDougall 5) Mary (Jack Angus) MacDonald 6) Margaret (Jack Angus) MacDonald 7) Mr. Mackenzie (Tinsmith) 8) Christy (Big John) MacDonald 9) Mary Meg MacDougall 10) ________ 11) John Dan MacDougall

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Print, Photographic

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Print, Photographic

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