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Kings County Museum


Accession number: 2005.006.001
Category: Edged weapon
Date: 1732 – 1815
Materials: metal (steel), brass, wood (?), leather
Measurements: 98 cm L x 44 mm W
Military Unit: Militia
Narrative: The sword belonged to Captain William Bishop of Greenwich (1732-1815) who took part in the "Battle of Blomidon" - May 21, 1781, a skirmish with Maine Pirates which took place in the Minas Basin.   Over the next 220 years the sword was passed down through his family to a tenth generation descendent, Jeffrey Stuart Gutting, son of Patricia (Bishop) and Paul Gutting of Wisconsin. Eileen Bishop contacted the family about donating the artifact to the Kings County Museum which they did in 2004..
Description: The sword has  engraving on both sides of the blade. Leather bolster guard on bottom side     Clamshell guard, folding guard on the left side, flat tempered leaf spring exposed on bottom, bored hinge, hardened needle for hinge pin.   The decoration on the bolster is like a "bunting swag"pattern. The ornamentation is on the underside but the #7 is on the left side near the spring. The hand guard is plain and semi – rounded.   The top of the handle
has a "swag" design. The hand guard is plain on top - the hand guard and handle were likely gilded at some point in time. The handle guard has a grooved design spacer at the
bottom. The handle is convex in the middle for easy grasping.The handle has equal distant grooves and is made of hardwood. There are 2 pins on the handle which indicate that it was likely "lined" with thread perhaps indicating regimental colours. The pins are located on the
bottom right and top left. Pommel is one piece and the sword handle attaches into it.-         Whole pommel is 61mm high and the engraining on it matches
engraining elsewhere. The "urn" portion unscrews at the end.  The edges of the guard are scalloped.The leather of the scabbard is black lacquered.