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Chestico Museum

Model, Boat

Accession number: CMA 01-02
Date: before 2001
Materials: Paint
Measurements: 84.3 cm L x 28.3 cm W x 33.2 cm H
Narrative: This model is of an open-hulled fishing boat used in the Port Hood area until the 1930s. The boat would have been used for inshore fishing; the boat could be outfitted with sails but could also be rowed when the wind was low. This style of boat became less used following the addition of the gasoline engine. Prior to the adoption of power motors, boat design varied across the province with widespread local adaptations. Subsequent to the incorporation of engines, boat design became much more restricted; the hulls became double ended with tapered points and a covered cabin was soon added. Boats became wider and flatter to accommodate the engine.

A model boat in a case. The boat is flat along the top and one end and curved on the bottom; the hull is v-shaped. There is a rectangular hollow in the middle with fishing gear in it.