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Annapolis Heritage Society


Accession number: 006.1.9
Object type: Hand
Date: before 1945
Materials: Metal
Marks/Label: None
Group: school item
Narrative: Bell used for ringing at school or some other institution. It has and continuous use up to the late 40's.
Description: Brass with wooden handle. Metal clapper is attached inside bell to hook anchored up through the handle. The metal rod attaching clapper is hooked at both ends and is 9 cam long. The bell shape has a ridge 1.8 cm up before curve of bell and another ridge 8.3 cm from base, 1cm high. The handle is slotted into a metal collar 1.7 cm high, 6 cm in circumference. The handle is decorated with a depression 2 cm from top of metal collar and 3 concentric depressions starting 5.5 cm from top of collar & .3 cm apart. The handle has a projection over the collar and curves upwards. The tip of the handle has a metal shaped screw forming a decorative top.