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Antigonish Heritage Museum


Accession number: 83.38
Date: 1911 – 1933
Marks/Label: PAL / Standard / Plaza Music Company / New York; N.Y. U.S.A
Description: This gramophone is comprised of a rectangular case with a hinged lid. It is covered in a burgundy leather. The recto of the case when shut has a green, decorative border. There are two metal latches at the top of the case, with a handle in between them. The handle is covered with the same burgundy leather as the exterior of the case and is attached to the case with metal rings. A small circular opening, surrounded by a metal ring, is located underneath the latch on the right-hand side. The interior of the case is covered in a green, textured material. A circular turntable platter is located in the centre of the base. The platter is silver and covered with a red velvet material. There is a large tone arm to the right of the turntable platter, consisting of a black enamel base connected to curved metal tube. At the end of this tube, there is a black enamel and metal wheel, that has a small metal needle affixed to it. To the left of the turntable platter, there is a large, rectangular, metal speaker grate and a small metal dial with the words "Fast" and "Slow" engraved on its face. In the interior of the case's lid, to the left, is a square shaped record holder. It is covered in the same green, textured material as the interior and has a gold border around its edges. A green leather strap holds the record holder closed with a small metal snap. In the centre of the record holder is a small metal plate with the manufacturer's information engraved on it.