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Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame


Accession number: 994.179.01 Dup 2
Date: 1884
Materials: metal, enamel, silk, wood, leather
Measurements: 14.5 cm L x 7 cm W x 1.5 cm H
Group: Snowshoeing

Founded in 1874 with eleven members, the Red Cap Snowshoe Club was one of the oldest local sports organizations alongside the Halifax Snowshoe Club and Halifax Junior Snowshoe Club. The club executive consisted of a first captain, second captain, treasurer, and two other committee members. The positions were elected, following nominations, annually at a general meeting. Nominations were put forth by current members and nominees had to be males over the age of sixteen, amateur athletes, and not belong to any other clubs. Members paid a one-time membership fee of five dollars and an annual renewal fee of five dollars. In addition, members were required to pay for uniforms which were to be worn at all times. The uniforms consisted of knitted jerseys with blue and white spots, a red sash, a red hat with blue tassels, white knickerbockers, red stocking with white anklets and white gloves. The society had up to fifty active members at any given time – the maximum allowed. Twice weekly the members would meet near the Public Gardens in Halifax to hike or ‘tramp’. Monthly, they would arrange short races of 100, 200, or 440 yards. Long distance races were held every few years; starting in 1875 in Halifax members raced seven and one-sixteenth miles between the willow tree and the four-mile house in Rockingham. The club was disbanded for the First World War and the Great Depression and no records exist for the period between 1918 and 1929.

Description: One gold medal from the Red Cap Snowshoe Club, 1884, with box.

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