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Admiral Digby Museum

Model, Ship

Accession number: 1978.1
Category: Other Documents
Date: circa 1900
Materials: Wood
Measurements: 119.5 cm L x 25 cm W x 138.5 cm H
Marks/Label: Granville Belle
Vessel Name: Granville Belle
Narrative: This ship diorama is of the barque Granville Belle in full sail. The Granville Belle was built in 1874 in Granville, Nova Scotia by J.W. Oliver. It was registered at Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia with measurements of 179.3 x 38.5 x 21.9 and weighed 1130 tons. In 1891 the barque was sold to Norwegian owners who renamed it ‘Ragna’. A barque, or bark, is a three-masted ship with square-rigged sails on the fore and main masts while the mizzen mast or after mast is fore and aft rigged. Four-masted barques were common on the ocean; however, only two were built in Canada: John M. Blaikie launched in 1885 from Great Village, Nova Scotia and the Kings County launched in 1890 from Kingsport, Nova Scotia. Fore and aft rigged sails lie on the same plane as the fore and aft line whereas square-rigged sales lie athwart or across the ship. Fore and aft rigged sails are generally more manoeuvrable and better suited for changing winds along coastlines. Square-rigged sails are associated with offshore ships on long ocean journeys; these sails are better suited for prevailing winds. The sails were seen on ships that worked up and down the coastline too. Sources:
Description: A model of a three-masted ship set on as a diorama. The ship is a barque; the front two masts have square-rigged, rectangular sails while the back mast has triangular sails. Three other sets of triangular sails are present.