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Acadian House Museum


Accession number: 2009.001.005
Date: before 2009
Materials: Wood
Measurements: 52 cm W x 97 cm H
Group: Fishing
Culture: Acadian
Narrative: The eels swim into the inner funnel of the trap through the bottom, then through the hole of inner funnel into the outer funnel where they are trapped. The eelpot sits on a piece of wood to prevent the pots from being rolled by tidal currents. This eelpot was locally hand crafted. Source: Gordon, Joleen. Withe Baskets, Traps and Brooms. (Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia Museum, 1984).
Description: The inner funnel is woven on withes inserted through holes cut in a square piece if wood, spaced equally in the shape of a circle. More withes are then inserted and woven in the same fashion along the outside of the inner funnel to form the outer funnel or "the parlor" or "bedroom." A wooden plug fits to the opening of the trap and is secured with wire and through an eye bolt set in the middle of the plug.