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Acadian House Museum

Separator, Cream

Accession number: 2001.022.001
Date: before 2001
Materials: metal
Measurements: 46 cm H x 31 cm Diameter
Model: VEGA
Marks/Label: VEGA T. Eaton Co. Canada
Narrative: Cow's milk would be poured into the large bowl situated on top of the separator. The crank on the side of the machine would be turned by hand, and the cream would be separated from the milk. Cream would come out of the top spout and the milk would come out of the bottom spout.
Description: A black and silver cream seperator. The top of the seperator has a large silver bowl that has two pouring spouts at the end. The bottom of the seperator is black and square shaped.
Manufacturer: The T. Eaton Co Ltd