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The Army Museum

Kit, Medical

Accession number: XTMD/83/027
Date: 1914 – 1918
Materials: Wood; Fabric; Metal; Leather
Military Unit: Red Cross
Subject: First World War, Red Cross, Medical
Description: Red Cross medical kit contained in heavy wicker rectangular basket covered with heavy canvas and leather trimmed with attached lid; Two inch leather strip around lid and attached with heavy stitching and rivets; Brown leather carrying strap attached to sides with rivets with D rings; Four heavy dome rivet 'feet' on bottom; Red cross painted on front; Four leather compartments inside and lined with white cotton; Inside: a pair of cotton covered wooden splints (XTMD/85/028), a sealed wool cyanide compress (xtmd/83/003), a sealed package of double cyanide gauze (xtmd/85/004), a sealed package of pleated triangular bandages (xtmd/83/034), a sealed package of corrosive sublimate gauze, a four panel implement / supply roll, a roll of thick suture cord for postmortem sutures, a lancet and a silver blade case holding spare needles, a set of six vials for cat gut 'stitches', a long metal implement, a long curved needle for suturing, as well as a two part brass item held together at one end (unsure of its use), and a single general service button