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West Hants Historical Museum


Accession number: 96.1377
Date: circa 1832

Large hardcover bible.

Belonging to Mrs. G Smith

Handwriting is hard to decipher


Mrs. Lavinia G. Smith
Hants Co.






Brothurtou/Brotherton (?) Martin and Lavinia Curry
Married on Saturday 2 Nov 1811 by the Rev Wm Cochran D.D.

Charles Martin and Louisa A. Payzant
Married on Tuesday 29 August 1843 by the Rev Js Stephenson D.D.

George D. Smith and Lavinia Martin
Married on Tuesday 18 May 1871 by the Rev Joseph Murry D.D.

Richard F. Smith and Louisa A. Martin
Married on Tuesday March 28 1868 by the Rev H… S. H….

(?) (?) Smith and Gertrude (?) Dunbar
Married Sept 13 1886




Charles W Martin
born 27 Oct 1812

Thomas Martin
Born 29 September 1814

Benjamin Martin
Born 7 February 1817

Joseph Martin
Born 4 July 1820

Sophia Martin
Born 30 May 1824

Rebekah Martin
Born 14 April 1827

Charles D. Martin
Born 6 Sept 1844

Anna Rebeca Martin
Born 8 December 18[illegible]

Lavinia Martin
Born 23 June 1851

Edgar J. Smith
Born 8 March 1861

Francis Earl Smith
Born Aug 12 1887

(?) Smith
Born 19 January 1873




Brothertou Martin
Died 29th Nov. 1827
In the 47th year of his age.

Thomas Martin son
of Brothertou Martin & Lavinia
Martin. Departed on
Tuesday 7 Dec 1830

Elias Payzant
Died 21 July 1888

Matilda J. Evans
died Feb. 17 1890

Benjamin Martin son of
Brothertou and Lavinia Martin died
15th October 1890 in the
74 year of his age.

Sophia Martin Darrison(?)
wife of the late Emouth(?)
Darrison died Nov 14 1908
in the eighty-fifth year of her age.

Charles D. Martin died
21 August 1847 in the 3
year of his age.

Anna Rebeca Martin
died 21 Sept 1830

Charles W. Martin
Died (?) September 1855
in the 43 year of his age

Richard F. Smith
Died 20 December 1868
in the 64th year of his age

Gertrude (??) Smith, wife
of E.(?). Smith, died Sunday
(Xmas) Dec. 25 1898

Edgar Closson(?) Smith
died Jan 23 1897 in the
36 year of his age.

Louisa Lunn(?) wife of Charles
Wm Martin and second wife of
Richard F. Smith died may 14 190(-)
in the eighty-fourth year of her age.

Francis Earl Smith son of
Edgar James and Gertrude
Smith died March 1902
in the 15th year of his age

Eolnor(?) Day Smith
died Sept 19 1914
age 41 years