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Clipping, Newspaper

Accession number: 2018.032
Category: Other Documents
Date: July 21 1969
Measurements: 58 cm L x 38 cm W
Description: Page from Cape Breton Post Monday, July 21, 1969
Front page headline is" MAN ON THE MOON" in 4 cm type.
Article headline is:
"Great Event In World History Accomplished"
There are two large photos. One of Aldrin and Armstrong listening to phone call from President Nixon. The other is of Neil Armstrong stepping on the surface of the moon to become the first human to set foot on the planet.
The photos are both 19 cm x 21 cm
Another article on front page has heading "May Answer Many Questions"
Back of page headline is:
"Millions Share in Historic Moon Voyage"
The entire page contains articles about the American Moon Landing including such headlines as:
Many Up All Night"
Giant Leap for Mankind"
"Mind Kept on Politics"
"Discover America"
"Glenn Feels Ancient"
Expensive Wardrobe"
One article on the page describes welcome provided in Cuba to a task force of Soviet vessels and does not seem to be directly related to the Moon Landing.
The Ben Wicks cartoon is "I've made it Mans first step on the moon. The cartoon shows the moon lander very small inside the indentation made by a giant boot.