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Colchester Historeum

Ribbon, Insignia

Accession number: 2016.20.1
Category: Status Symbols
Date: before 2016
Materials: Cloth, metal
Measurements: 22 cm L x 7.7 cm W x 1 cm Thickfor A
Measurements: 22 cm L x 7.7 cm W x 1 cm Thick x 22 cm L x 7.7 cm W x 3 cm Thick x 4.5 cm Diameterfor B
Description: A purple ribbon with Derry LOL "Loyal Orange Lodge" No.25 Truro, N.S. written on it
​A badge with King William III on horse, public school, bible, Derry 1688 Boyne 1690 on it. On back, "In Glorious Proust Imortal Memory of King William III"
Colours: purple, orange
History of Use: Orange Lodge was Protestant in battle against Roman Catholics. Ribbon pat Oct. 16, '92 -> 1892, Mar. 7 '99 -> 1899