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Accession number: 2014.001.019
Category: Other Documents
Date: 1914 – 1916
Materials: Card stock; Paper.
Measurements: 7.1 cm W x 10.9 cm H x 0.2 cm Thick
Culture: Canadian Armed Forces
Narrative: This small book was prepared for use in Parade Services in the Canadian Armed Forces. It was  packaged in a protective sleeve or case (2014.001.017) together with a similar book of Scripture verses, "Quit you like men" (2014.001.018).  The book is stapled together and the markedly off centre stapling indicates possible haste in manufacture.

The material was published and distributed to the Canadian Armed Forces in the Great War as a joint venture by the Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist and Congregational Churhes.  The  Forward reflects an attempt to harmonize prayer traditions of these denominations with the need to minister to a wider audience.
It may be surprising to some in a largely secular society to find the Canadian Government, in the office of the Minister of the Militia, authorizing materials published and distributed to the Armed Forces by a group of churches. However attitudes in the period of the First World War were very different; and materials which assisted in raising the morale of servicemen (the Armed Forces of the Empire were overwhelmingly male at the time - see the Narrative for 2014.001.008) were actively encouraged.
Description: Small cardstock bound book. Black printing 31 pages.
History of Use: Issued to Canadian Armed Forces in the Great War. Among items associated with Lieutenant A.H. Rutledge and sent by his brother J.E.Rutledge to the donor, and contained together with a companion book (2014.001.018) in a cover (2014.001.017).