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MacPhee House Community Museum

Pack, Tablets

Accession number: 2013.005.007
Date: 1985 – 1990
Materials: Aluminum Foil; (Contents, Rennet)
Measurements: 3 cm L x 3 cm W x 0.25 cm ThickLength and Width are for individual pouches. Row of three Length = 9 cm, Row of two L = 6.0 cm Tablet dimensions are D = 1.45 cm, T = 0.25 cm (less 2x the thickness of the foil)
Brand: Junket
Narrative: These pouches are from a packet of rennet tablets collected by the donor after it was determined that further use of the product would not be successful due to the passage of too long a period since its original purchase. The Georeferrence is for the donor's home.
For information on rennet in making junket desserts see
For the history of the Junket brand and Salada Foods, see
Description: 5 co-joined foil pouches containing one tablet each in one row of three and one row of two.
History of Use: Sold at retail, in a box (2013.005.006) and used in a domestic situation for use in dessert preparation until the tablets were deemed no longer useable. Collected by donor.
Manufacturer: Salada Foods