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Parkdale-Maplewood Community Museum


Accession number: 1989.041 b
Category: Protective Wear
Object type: child's
Date: 1915
Materials: cotton
Narrative: Medford; History - made by Laura Spidell for her daughter Bernice(donor)
Description: beige,brown stripes & design,gathered at top,shoulder straps,2 back buttons & button holes,closed front
History of Use: As long as there has been clothing, dirty work, and the need to keep clean aprons have existed. However, the earliest recorded instance of aprons can be found in medieval paintings starting in the 1300s. (1) Until the 1500s, nobility didn’t wear aprons, but changing fashions started including fancy aprons with some ladies’ gowns. (2) Fashions continued to change and by the late 1600s aprons had become very ornate with embroidery on both the body of the apron and on the ties. However, the overall style remained strictly below the waist. (3)
Manufacturer: Laura Spidell