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Cape Sable Historical Society

Box, Puff

Accession number: CS 633
Category: Beauty Supplies
Date: before 1974
Measurements: 7 cm H x 12.7 cm DiameterChina Doll H:5.5, W:5 (elbow to elbow)

The china doll is from the waist up, she has her hands up in her hair. The colours on her have faded. She is attached to the tin can lid with some metal wire. The tin can in painted pink, the colour has faded. There are six holes in the middle of the lid for the wire to weave in and out. There are 29 holes in the lid edge for ventilation. There are two holes in the middle of the bottom can. The edges on the tin are tarnished. The skirt on the doll covers the entire tin can. The skirt is made form an orange cloth, a beige satin like cloth and decorative trim. The beige material had faded and is frayed. The orange material is very stained. The skirt has been hand made. The holes in the tin lid has torn the skirt backing because the holes were punched outwards. There is a disk inside the tin with the same orange material covering the one side with decorative trim around the edges. There is a bow in the middle. The backing is exposed cardboard. The material has been handstitched into the cardboard. The disk is 1 cm smaller diameter than the tin can. There is anotehr disk on the underside of the tin lid, similar to the other disk. Is has pink satin like material with a decorative edge with a pink bow. This disk is sewn into the metal wire from the doll. China figure is loose. Possibly orange silk.