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West Hants Historical Society Museum


Accession number: 103
Object type: Curling
Date: before 1976
Measurements: 45 cm L x 56.3 cm W
Narrative: Curling originated in late medieval Scotland and is a team sport played on a rectangular sheet of carefully prepared ice by two teams of four players. Teams alternate turns at sling heavy, polished, granite stones down the ice towards the target area called the house. Two sweepers with broom accompany each rock and use timing, equipment and their best judgement and direction from their team-mates to help direct the stones to their resting place. The first organisation of curling clubs into an association took place in Scotland in 1838 and by 1843 was named the Royal Caledonian Curling Club. This club bestowed the powers of a Branch on the Halifax Curling Club in 1851. In 1852, the Halifax Curling Club, Halifax Thistle Curling Club, Dartmouth Curling Club combined to form the Nova Scotia Branch of the Royal Caledonia Curling Club. From 1853 to 1856 other curling clubs around the province became members.

Maritime Championship Award. McLellan Cup which was won by Windsor Curling Club