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Scott Manor House


Accession number: 1995.T111
Date: before 1995
Materials: metal
Measurements: 38.5 cm L x 16 cm W x 16 cm H

Wire metal cage in a cuboid (long cube) shape and wire and sheet metal internal mechanisms. At one end is an inset round wire entrance leading to a wire ramp up to a front-hinged sheet metal platform at the middle of the trap. The platform is counterbalanced by a wire weight. The rest of the trap is an open space surrounded by wire metal caging. The end piece is missing.

History of Use: The rodent climbs into the trap through the round entrance, climbs up the ramp to the platform (which may have food on it). The weight of the rodent causes the platform to tip and drop the rodent into the back end of the cage. The counterweight causes the platform to rise back to its original position, thus trapping the rodent.