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Accession number: 1968.002
Date: 1853
Materials: wood; ivory; metal; paint
Measurements: 120 cm L x 131 cm WHeight measurement is questionable
Narrative: This artifact, was a prized possession of the Worgan family. Two of Philip Worgan's daughter's, Eva and Mabel, played it and were considered talented pianists.

The Detzman & Plumb piano was manufactured in Liverpool, England (unspecified date).
The donor stated that the instrument had been a 14th birthday present to her mother Anne Blackadar, a Mayflower decendant, born in Pictou of Scottish forbearers who came from Virginia.

This artifact, was a prized possession of the Worgan family.  Two of Philip Worgan’s daughter’s, Eva and Mabel, played it and were considered talented pianists. In the days when wealth and gracious living were the lot of the upper class, this piano played a central role in entertainment at the many balls and social functions held at the mansion. The Commodore’s daughters were often called upon to play for dancing when the orchestras were taking a brake.
Mabel married and lived out her life in the States.

Eva never married and lived all her life at the family home on King’s road where she is said to have played and composed many lovely pieces of music on this piano.
The museum houses many other artifacts that came from the Worgan home.  Ferndell was demolished in 1971 and  Miss Eva died a short time later.

Interesting Note: Ferndell, the Worgan home on King’s Road existed between 1872 until 1971.  A portion of the oldest part of the house is said to have been gleaned from the French fortress at Louisbourg.  Many additions made over the years turned Ferndell into one of the more elegant homes in the city.

Reference: P.W. Schneider, 1979, Ferndell, Self-published, pg 25-30. (2006.437 Ferndell)
Cross reference: 1975.091 PH Worgan, Mayor
Description: Mahogany veneer upright piano with wooden pedals, 56 ivory keys, and a blue decorative painting on the front panel. The painting has a swirling design with two ovals on either side and a circle in the centre. The two front legs of the piano are also carved in an ornamental curved design. 
History of Use: Worgon Family piano.
Manufacturer: Detzman and Plumb