Trotter, Murphy & Co.

Antigonish, Antigonish, NS, Canada
Business Category: Carding, Textile Milling, Grain Milling
Additional Information: "About 1 mile from Antigonish"
Dates Founded: before 1878
Remarks: Mill included carding, spinning, weaving, fulling, dyeing, and dressing facilities with a "long established" flour and oats mill also on-site that is steam and water powered.  Around 1878, the mill was thoroughly renovated, and turbine wheels were added to make the mill almost entirely water powered. The mill was also listed as being located on the line of the Eastern Extension railway, with a sliding on premises.

On February 22, 1878, an ad appeared regarding the mill's sale due to both partners being dead. The ad states that the mill "Now enjoys a large & growing patronage and is well worthy the attention of Capitalists"  (Morning Chronicle, March 12, 1878, pg 1, c. 4). The mill was still for sale in 1880 (Morning Chronicle, July 1 1880, pg. 3).

By 1885 the operation had been renamed as Murphy's Mill and was once again listed as for sale: "First class working order...only one in the county...has a siding to the Halifax & Cape Breton railway" (Morning Chronicle, Nov. 12, 1885)  

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