Jas. Grant

Springville, Pictou, NS, Canada
Business Category: Carding, Textile Milling
Products: Cloth
Dates Founded: circa 1847
Remarks: Carding, fulling dressing dyeing & cloth making manufactory. 
Set up first spinning & power loom in county.  No date given.  A History of Pictou Co., NS.  Geo. Patterson, 1877. 
1847 - Already had dyeing & fulling mill, petitioned for capital to add machines for carding, spinning, loom-weaving, but was turned down. (Agriculture & Industry Petitions, Lomas). 
In 1848 Grant raised £1000 capital & built first and only water powered loom in NS.  Carding, spinning, weaving woolens. (Lomas)
6 Feb. 1849 - Petitions for aid for water powered loom factory.  RG 5 Series P vol. 53 #126.
22 Feb. 1849 - Petitions for assistance for his dyeing mill and for erection of a carding and spinning mill with a loom weaving apparatus.  Had spent £1000 on a water powered loom factory for carding, spinning, weaving and manufacturing wool, stating “This the first and only Water Power Loom Factory as yet introduced into this province...” RG 5 Series P vol. 53, #115.
1852 – Petitions for £150 assistance as expenses had reached to £800, stating that it is the duty of legislature to “encourage & protect the industry of the inhabitants” and that there were plans to manufacture “superior woolen shawls.”  Committee said £100.  House said no.  (Lomas)
Feb. 1, 1854 petition for aid for his “cloth manufactory” RG 5 Series P vol. 54 #23.
31 Jan. 1855 petition for aid to his “cloth manufactory” RG 5 Series P vol 54 #30
Remarks Source: Textile Mills in Nova Scotia, Mary Guildford, pg. 6.