Veinot Wagon Factory

Bridgewater, Lunenburg, NS, Canada
Business Category: Carriage Making
Products: Wagons and carriages.
Dates Founded: before 1863
Remarks: Established sometime prior to 1863 by brothers William Enos and James E. Veinot. It is possible that the Veinots took over the shingle and sawmill previously operated by the Wiles, converted part of it into a carriage factory and, at the same time, continued making shingles.  Later, a blacksmith shop was also added onto the factory.

By the late 1800s, with the introduction of the automobile, the use of carriages declined and by 1913 the company's board of directors had announced its liquidation. 
Remarks Source: 1. The Restoration of the Wile Carding Mill", Curatorial Report Number 28, by Judy Boss, Operations and Development Section, Nova Scotia Museum, May 1978.