Federal Textiles Ltd.

Truro, Colchester, NS, Canada
Business Category: Textiles
Brands: Kling Klose
Products: Hoisery (socks, footlets, slippers), cloth
Dates Founded: 1952
Remarks: Charles E. Lewis, brother of Frank Lewis (Lewis Ltd.) started his own company, Federal Products, in 1952. It manufactured many lines of hoisery for infants, teens, misses and ladies and famous Kling Klose line for men. 

The company started with one-size nylon footlets, the first of their kind as footlets were previously made from cotton. Expanded to bobby socks, one-size slippers, and washable hard-soled slippers. 

At its peak, the company employed 100 people operating in 2 plants and had $1 million in sales. 
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