United Fruit Companies of Nova Scotia, Ltd.

Kentville, Kings, NS, Canada
Business Category: Processing of Fruit and Vegetables
Additional Information: Various locations
Brands: Hiawatha
Products: canned, dehydrated, evaporated apples, apple skins, cores, chops, chips, pomace, pie filling, canned plums and pears, vinegar, cider, fruit and vegetable pulp; dusting machines, spraying and dusting material; barrels, barrel stock
Dates Founded: 1912
Remarks: Organized July 1912 as a co-op wholesale fruit marketing group made up of 51 farmers and fruit warehousing companies.
Remarks Source: 1. Nova Scotia Trade Directory. 1927, 1929, 1932, 1937, 1947. 2. Nova Scotia Blue Book. 1932.