Morning Chronicle

11 Prince Street
By 1876 occupied 10 through 12 Prince Street, opposite the Union Bank
Halifax, Halifax, NS, Canada
Business Category: Publishing
Products: Newspaper
Dates Founded: before 1869
Remarks: In 1864 was published by Thomas Annand, but by 1869 the proprietor Charles Annand of 14 Victoria Road, Halifax. The Nova Scotian was owned by the same publisher. In 1869 it was "published every morning. (Sunday excepted.) Subscription $5.00 per annum, in advance. A tri-weekly edition, is published on the mornings of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at $2.50 per annum, in advance."
Remarks Source: 1. Hutchinson's Nova Scotia Directory, for 1864/65. 2. McAlpine's Halifax Business Directory. 1868-1897.