Henry A. Beldon

127 1/2 Barrington Street
Halifax, Halifax, NS, Canada
Business Category: Clothing
Products: Clothing, gentlemens' furnishing goods including collars, neckties, braces, gloves, pocket handkerchiefs, Hosiery, waterproof coats and laggings, mens and boys hats and caps, trunks, valises, carpet bags, ministers and barristers gowns, collage gowns, ladies riding habits made to order, children's clothing.
Remarks: Gentlemen's outfitter, ready made clothing. P. Vaughan, cutter. Merchant tailor. Not listed in 1880-81 directory.
Remarks Source: 1. McAlpine's Halifax Business Directory 1871-72 (Ad page 64), 1873-74 (Ad page 69), 1880-81. 2. McAlpine's Maritime Directory 1870-71 (Ad page 217).