LeQuille Mills

Lequille, Annapolis, NS, Canada
Business Category: Textile Milling
Products: Woolen cloth mill
Dates Founded: circa 1876
Remarks: 1850 - Report of a joint stock company to manufacture wool and cotton cloths ridiculed in Novascotian (December 30, 1850), reasoning being that wool was the only realistic fibre to manufacture in Nova Scotia

1851 - A group of Annapolis men petition the incorporation of Lequille Mills & Manufacturing Co., with Thos. Ritchie, E.H. Cutler, and Geo. S. Millidge as principle shareholders. 1,500 pounds in capital, increasable to 15,000 pounds (Statutes 1851 cap 9, p.23, trades & commerce petitions, 1851)

1852 - The mill was now in operation, but there was another petition for funds with the house granting 150 pounds (Journals 1852, p.119). Vetoed in Council. Recieved 3/15 pounds for return on duties.

1853 - Mill received a further 3/15 pounds drawback for new machinery for new cloths, dye stuffs and cotton warps. The mill also changed hands this year, with the new owners (F.C. Snow?) petitioning for funds. House grants 150 pounds for encouragement.

1862 - Fabrics on display at the Nova Scotia International Exhibition:
10 yrds Sattinet (Black) 
10 yrds ditto (Gray)
6 pairs of gloves

Also: F.C. Snow was the proprietor. In 1886 Harry Snow was the proprietor.
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