Lunenburg Foundry Co. Ltd.

Lunenburg, Lunenburg, NS, Canada
Business Category: Foundry
Brands: Peacock, Cinderalla, Lady Scotia
Products: Stoves, engines, marine and industrial equipment
Dates Founded: 1891
Remarks: Foundry was established in 1891 on Lunenburg harbour.

A pioneer of a marine internal combustion engine, the Lunenburg Foundry was the first in Canada to install a diesel engine in a fishing schooner.

Throughout the 20th century, the company manufactured commercial and residential heating equipment, including wood stoves and furnaces.

Brands of wood stoves, such a Peacock, Cinderella and Lady Scotia, were produced at Lunenburg Foundry. Stove production was discontinued in the 1980's.

Still in operation, the foundry now continues to manufacture marine and industrial equipment.
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